The best Blackberry application ever … haha at least for me! :-)

In four months, I learned to adapt techniques that make me inconspicuous in the radar of hot-blooded men. While it is admittedly flattering that Filipinas are ‘esteemed species’ (haha, that’s the most politically correct term I could think of), after awhile you just want to settle in and be normal. My tendency to be a homebody is ever more strengthened because I’d rather stay at home than be bothered by strangers. I am not kidding … there’s no day here in ATL that’s boring to me. A short 10 minute walk from Starbucks to my home can turn out to be the most unbelievable 10 minutes, leaving me with this thought, “Where are the cameras? Did I just get punked?”

I’ve tried sporting the fugliest get up and I’ve even tried going out even if I didn’t take a bath (gross, I know!). I’ve tried hiding behind big shades and tomboy caps. If all else fails and I am forced to give my number, I just raise the white flag right away and give my number. It’s the easiest way for them to get off my case (and off my face!) There is no saying no to calloused men.

So what do I do with unwanted SMS and calls I receive? Enter: Call Blocker. All I need to do is enter their number in my “Black List” and when they call me, one ring is all it takes from their end and it cancels the call right away. I won’t even hear my BB ring! Though there is a log I can check on the number of calls blocked — AND YES, SOME GUYS JUST DON’T GET IT. When they send me SMS, I can record a custom message as an auto-reply but I didn’t bother. I just configured the app to just block even SMS.

There is just too much distraction around. You just gotta block ‘em all away! Five stars for Call Blocker app! Woohoo!